A Little Intro 簡介

Hello coffee lovers, welcome to the Coffipedia website. Same as a coffee lover, the importance of coffee cannot be overstated in my life since I had my first cup of coffee in high school. In other words, no coffee no life ! The sweet and sour taste, the aroma, and the flavors all make me fell in love with it. Also, coffee not only wakes you up in the morning, but also makes you happy and energetic. More importantly, it contains lots of nutrition and vitamins that makes you healthier and younger look ! Therefore, there is no reason not drinking coffee in the daily life !

各位咖啡愛好者你們好,歡迎來到咖啡品味集。同樣身為咖啡愛好者,自從高中時喝了第一杯咖啡後,它在我心中的地位已無可取代。換句話說,沒有咖啡就沒有我!咖啡的香氣、苦味、酸味,都讓我十分迷戀。它不僅僅能夠讓你清醒有精神,也讓你一天的心情都快樂無比。更重要的是它富含營養與維生素能讓你健康同時看起來更年輕!因此,沒有理由不喝咖啡 !

Coffee Coffeee Coffeeee 千變萬化的咖啡

There are numerous kinds of coffee in the world and different ways to enjoy it, so it is relatively hard to find the coffee that fits one the most. Therefore, I create the Coffipedia website to help coffee lovers select and find the coffee they like, and also help them know more about coffee. I wish coffee can be a part of everyone’s life !


The goals of Coffipedia 網站的主旨

The purpose and goals of the website is to help coffee lovers to categorize, review, and rate various kinds of coffee, providing useful information that could be a reference while selecting or purchasing the coffee. Coffee lovers can also learn more knowledge and interesting things about coffee through the website.

Thanks for visiting Coffipedia and have a look around. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, I will be really happy to help you out !



All the best,

Albert Ku

Founder of Coffipedia | 咖啡賞味集


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