Espresso 義式濃縮

Espresso is a coffee brewing method origin from Italy, and usually prepared in a small cup. Finely-ground coffee beans are brewed under high atmospheric pressure and almost-boiled water, which extracts out mainly Crema (~70% of espresso, a flavorful, aromatic, reddish-brown froth) that rests on top of a shot of espresso. Depending on the amount of coffee beans used, there are single shot, double shots, or even triple shots espresso. Because of its high concentration and rich flavors, it is usually used as the base of other coffee drinks like Latte, Cappuccino, and so on.

義式濃縮是一種源自於義大利的咖啡飲品,通常會以小杯子來飲用。透過高壓將接近沸騰的水通過細研磨咖啡粉,萃取出約佔70%浮在上層的 Crema (咖啡脂) 的濃縮咖啡。取決於咖啡豆用量,可分為single shot, double shots, 或甚至 triple shots espresso。因為他的濃度高且風味強烈,因此經常被用作於其他飲品的底料,像拿鐵、卡布奇諾等等。

Latte 拿鐵

Latte or café latte is a drink made up of 1/3 Espresso+2/3 steamed milk+thin layer of milk foam on top. The word café latte means coffee and milk, and it is a drink usually for breakfast in Italy. At some coffee shops, they will use the milk foam on top to create art-like patterns as decoration, which is called latte art. 

拿鐵或咖啡拿鐵是由 1/3 Espresso+2/3熱牛奶+薄薄一層奶泡所製作成的咖啡飲品。café latte 這個詞的意思就是指咖啡和牛奶,在義大利通常是和早餐一起搭配。有些咖啡店會用上面的奶泡拉花來做裝飾,或叫做拿鐵藝術。

Cappuccino 卡布奇諾

Cappuccino is a drink similar to Latte, but with different ratio. It is composed of 1/3 Espresso+1/3 steamed milk+1/3 foam, which has a thicker foam and less steamed milk than Latte. Due to less milk and more foam than a latte, Cappuccino has stronger Espresso flavor than Latte. More, the thick foam is usually flavoring with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

卡布奇諾是一個類似於拿鐵的咖啡飲品,他們的差別在於牛奶和奶泡比例的不同。他是由 1/3 Espresso+1/3 熱牛奶+1/3 奶泡所組成,有著比拿鐵更厚的奶泡層,但牛奶比例比拿鐵還少。而因為牛奶比例少,所以卡布奇諾比拿鐵更可以喝到明顯強烈的 Espresso味道。並常會在奶泡上加肉桂粉或巧克力粉來做搭配飲用。

Americano 美式

Americano derives from American Spanish in 1970s, which means American. The drink consists of a single or double shot of Espresso+hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, traditionally brewed coffee. 

美式咖啡一詞源自於1970年代的西班牙裔美國人。這飲品是由single 或 double shot Espresso+熱開水所製成。有著相同強度但風味有別於傳統的咖啡。

Mocha 摩卡

Mocha, also called mocaccino, is a chocolate-flavored variant of Latte. It is made up of Latte+chocolate and sweetener, typically in the form of cocoa powder and sugar. It can also be referred to as hot chocolate with Espresso added, and is usually served with different toppings like Amaretto cookie. 

摩卡或是摩卡奇諾是一種巧克力風味的拿鐵延伸飲品,是由拿鐵+巧克力和糖 (通常是巧克力粉) 組成,也可以說是將熱巧克力混合Espresso的飲品,通常會在上面撒上不同的小配料如Amaretto餅乾。


Which coffee drinks are your favorite? Welcome to leave the comments below~~

你喜歡哪一種咖啡飲品呢? 歡迎在底下留言~~

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