In order to emphasize the certain characteristics and flavors of speciality coffee, selecting an appropriate dripper is the key. There are currently various models, styles, and shapes of dripper worldwide, but how to choose the one that fits your needs? The answer is following the rules and principles of coffee extraction! During the extraction, fruit acidity and aroma first comes out, then sweetness and body, and lastly bitterness and astringency. If you would like the coffee having more brightness (acidity), you need to select the dripper that has high dripping rate. On the one hand, if you want the coffee having thicker body and more sweetness, you have to select the one which has low dripping rate. Let’s take washed Yirgacheffe as an example, it is a coffee features on its fruit brightness (acidity) and flavor, so you would like to use the fast-dripping dripper to reveal and strengthen these characteristics.

Common Drippers

Hario V60 – Fast dripping rate, spiral waves increases the contact of coffee powder and water, for coffee lovers who like aroma and fruit brightness (acidity), can be the basic dripper for beginners.

Kalita 101 or 102 – Trapezoid shape, easy to use for everyone, with balance flavor and taste.

Sanyo Sangyo CAFEC flower dripper – Flower waves, dripping rate will change when water reaches half level, easy to create and emphasize the sweetness of coffee, for intermediate user.

Image from VV coffee

KONO dripper – Only the bottom of dripper has the waves, can create the taste that other drippers do not have, for coffee lovers who like more layers.

Image result for kono dripper

Diamond weave dripper – Diamond waves, gorgeous appearance, medium dripping rate, emphasize the sweetness and body, for advanced users.

Image result for diamond dripper

What other drippers you think are weird, interesting, or fun XD? Please feel free to leave the comments below ~

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Recommend Drippers


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