Unlike the espresso made by coffee machine, pour-over coffee requires a filter paper to filter out the coffee grounds to complete the extraction. There are various shapes and materials of filter paper on the market recently, but not one size fits all. Selecting the proper filter paper would definitely make the coffee taste better, and could also magnify certain flavors of coffee. On the other hand, using the wrong filter paper may ruin the coffee regardless of what beans are used. Hence, the article introduced different types of filter paper, and how to select the one that meets one’s needs.


First of all, you have to make sure if the size of the filter paper fits the dripper. There are typically two sizes, 01 and 02, 01 is for 1-2 cup and 02 is for 2-4 cup dripper. Then, for the shape of filter paper, it could be conical, trapezoid, cup cake, origami, and so on. The two common types sold in the supermarket are conical and trapezoid. Comparing conical to trapezoid filter paper, conical has higher dripping rate than trapezoid which results in more brightness and clearer taste of coffee. Contrarily, because of the lower dripping rate for trapezoid, it creates richer body and sweeter finish. Based on this, it is able to select the specific filter paper and dripper for certain types of coffee beans. For more information, please visit the article Coffee Dripper. Lastly, the materials used for filter paper, it could be abaca, linen, cotton, bamboo, woods, etc. In short, the size of pores between the fibers determines the amount of coffee Crema passing through the filter papers. The one with larger pores gives the oilier taste, and the one with smaller pores gives the cleaner and fresher taste. For instance, filter paper made of linen has larger pore size than woods, which has oily taste and richer body of coffee.

首先必須要了解所需要的咖啡濾紙的大小,常見的濾紙型號為01和02,01 是給約沖煮1-2杯的濾杯所使用的大小,而02 是給約沖煮2-4杯的濾杯來使用。接著是關於咖啡濾紙的形狀,最常見的兩種莫過於錐形和梯型濾紙。錐型相比於梯型濾紙的流速較快,因此能為咖啡增添明亮得酸度和乾淨的風味,而梯形流速相對較慢,因此沖出的咖啡會有較濃郁的風味和餘韻較為甘甜,若要了解更多關於此資訊請參考 咖啡濾杯 這篇文章。最後是要介紹咖啡濾紙所使用的材質,它可以是亞痲、蕉麻、棉、木質、竹子等等。總而言之,如果這個材質纖維的孔洞越大,較多的咖啡酯將會穿過濾紙,使得咖啡增添如espresso的油脂感,像是亞痲做的濾紙因孔洞較大,沖煮出的咖啡就有別於木質,提升了咖啡的油脂感,若是偏好於清爽的口感,木質就是不錯的選則。

Hario V60 filter paper, conical, woods

CAFEC filter paper, conical, abaca

Melitta filter paper, trapezoid, bamboo.

Kalita filter paper, trapezoid, woods

Driver filter paper, cupcake, woods