Without an excellent grinder for coffee beans, it is impossible to brew a cup of gorgeous coffee. A great grinder can prevent the ground coffee particles from clumping and also ensure each coffee particles has the uniform size, which brings the flavor of coffee to the next level. There are mainly three different types of grinder, blade, wheel, and conical.

  • Blade grinder:This is the most commonly seen grinder in household because of its cheap price and fast grinding rate, and also, it is relatively easy to use. As the word indicates, coffee beans are cut into smaller pieces by high-spinning blades. The fineness depends on how long coffee beans are ground, which may result in an issue that the bottom layer is finer than the top layer. More, the heat generated by high-spinning blades while grinding will also influence the taste of coffee. 
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  • Wheel Burr grinder:This type of grinder crushes coffee beans into smaller pieces by two parallel flat burr wheels. Unlike the blade grinder, the fineness depends on the distance between each wheel which allows the users to control the size of coffee beans. The downsides are, the sound of machine is a bit louder comparing to conical burr grinder, and the heat may be generated while grinding due to the high spinning wheels.
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  • Conical Burr grinder:This type of grinder is the best candidate for grinding coffee beans. It overcomes the heat generated while grinding, and does not create as much noise as wheel burr grinder. However, the downside is, its price is relatively expensive.
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